DIY Word Art

{the original word art give away details are at the bottom of this post}

I’m not going to say I was the first one to have the idea of putting words on canvas and calling it art, I’m just saying I did it before pinterest existed and it was to my knowledge an original idea {except of course those truly fabulous posters in every dentist office in the 90’s that said some power word followed by an ambiguous description…like this, only not funny}…And, it took me days of searching the internet to find the large alphabet stamps I had in my mind for my original piece (this e.e. cummings poem) that spans over 2 large canvases (I’ll show you a pic when we move into our house and it is up on the wall again). Obviously, if you are a pinterest follower, you know I was wrong in thinking it was my idea. Oh well, I guess I can’t patent it.

What I love about taking favorite words and putting them on your wall in a permanent way is that it takes something trivial (home decorating) and adds weight (depending of course on what words you deem valuable enough to look at daily). My second project was putting one of my absolute favorites on canvas for my sister:

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes -The rest sit  round it and pluck blackberries.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Since then I have made a few for friends as house warming gifts. Here is a picture of one:

diy canvas word art{this is taken from The Jesus Storybook Bible}

 It’s obviously not a hard project. You have to have canvas, paint, alphabet stamps, a steady hand and good words. However, since some of you aren’t inclined to projects of any kind I am going to make it easy and give away a couple that I have recently made. All you have to do is spread the word about my blog and you could win one!

Here are some of my favorite applications of word art:

word art{this is by Albee – as a mother of small children I can really, really appreciate this sentiment, after my kids are asleep, of course – they are allowed to speak…& speak & speak}

wood plank wood art{originally found & created by the blogger at a cup of lindsay jo}

emboidered trailer art{this adorable embroidered piece by three red apples doesn’t completely fit my theme – but I LOVE trailers and would like to be ‘off to see the world’ in this cutey & it’s my blog, so…}

diy no solicitation sign{my clever friend Gina made this for the front of her house – if you don’t think these are good words, then you have never had an unwanted doorbell wake up your sleeping baby}


I would have shown you more but the truth is I guess I made my own because most of what is “out there” is too polished looking for my taste or too blah in content (for instance: don’t forget to be awesome, let it be, live what you love, etc. you get the picture).

Here are the 2 pieces you could win:

diy painted canvas word art

diy painted canvas word art

How to win the word art made by me: Like my page on facebook, share this post on fb, tweet this post, make a comment on your favorite post or pin a photo from this post (or do all 5 & get your name entered for each thing). Be sure to use the share buttons at the bottom of the page so I know to put your name in the drawing (if you pin it, you’ll have to let me know in a comment, or on my fb page). 2 winners will be chosen (first one will get first pick) & you must have a continental US shipping address for me to mail to (unless you are my sister in Chile). Winners will be chosen on 6/28.

p.s. the reason I don’t give credit to an author in the second one is because it is an unknown author (it’s from a vintage book of children’s poems!)