State Pride Swag *Go Oregon!*

Has anyone else noticed the amount of goods being produced in the shape of the US States? Now, I realize how silly this is going to sound…But, I have always been super proud of myself for being an Oregonian {it makes no sense, I know, since I had absolutely no choice in the matter}. In fact, during my first week of college in Chicago, I was in the elevator with another girl and she just turned to me and said, “you’re from Oregon aren’t you?” WELL! She might as well have said, you are the most beautiful person in the world, so high was the compliment in my mind (turns out she was from Canby, a neighboring city to Oregon City, where I grew up). Needless to say, I think my home state is pretty swell. But – I’ll just be honest – I never imagined everyone felt the same way. I mean a pillow in the shape of Florida? Really?!? Now that you’ve seen my true colors let me show you my favorite Oregon swag . And if you are partial to – oh, I don’t know – Oklahoma, I’m sure you can follow the links and find your state swag too.

vintage inspired Oregon map

{via Paper Parasol Press}

Oregon pillow

{via love, California}

Oregon necklaces

{Oregon necklaces in silver, wood & leather via tru.che}

Oregon wood block art

{via LuciusArt}

Oregon keychain

{key chain by Duo Studio}

Oregon coffee table

{coffee table via Fontana Studios}


Here are a few goodies for the kids:

Oregon Rattle

{State rattle by Bannor Toys}

teether crop

{teether from Little Sapling Toyswe just bought their guitar teether for Kitch’s stocking}

Oregon Onesie

{‘made’ onesie by Seven Miles Per Second}

Finishing Touches

Getting SO, SO close to being done with the house! I’m daydreaming about getting in and getting everything ‘just so’ as I paint the miles and miles of white trim that stand between me and the finishing touches. In the meantime, to keep myself going, I spend late nights drooling over my very favorite etsy home goods. Here are a few:

mushroom tablecloth skinny laminx{love this mushroom table cloth by Skinny laMinx}

modern ceramic salt cellar{ceramic cellars by RossLab}

birch tree cloth napkins{birch napkins by Oh, Little Rabbit}

modern porcelain serving set{porcelain serving set by vitrified studio – simple perfection!}

cast iron antler wall hook{cast iron antler wall hook by TheDoorStop}

modern quilted pillow{modern quilt pillow by Barbara Perrino}

recycled t-shirt pillow{recycled t-shirt pillow by talking squid}

oregon pillow{Oregon pillow by love, california – who lives in Texas, haha}

vintage orange desk lamp{vintage tangerine desk lamp by ohio picker}

Oh etsy, whatever did we do to get our one-of-a-kind, crafty, vintage, recycled, re-purposed fix before you came along?