More art inspiration

It’s hard to choose art for your home. I understand. Where do you even start? I have helped you out. Here is some more lovely art in a variety of styles and prices (see part 1 here):

Two Chairs, Michele Maule

{I bought a print of this for my husband’s birthday this year & my dad looked at it & said “you have weird taste in art”, don’t let anyone deter you- if you love it, buy it. Unless of course it is a velvet painting of a wolf or something}

Paris, Latin Quarter, Laura Amiss

{she has loads of beautiful, colorful textile art & whimsical prints}

Ice Crusher, Coffee Pot, Waffle Iron and Tea Kettle, Harold Reddicliffe

Spring Tide, Clare Elsaesser

{notice the charming stitching around the print}

US Map, Rachel Austin

{another Portland based artist – I bought a print of this for my girls bedroom}

Come Over, Nik Bresnick

{such a cute letterpress piece for the kitchen – he also has some fun abc cards that would be cute for a kids room}

What art are you loving? I’d love to know.