Pumpkin Decorating {& eating} Inspiration

Here’s a little pumpkin decorating inspiration round-up from around the web:

monogrammed pumpkins

{we’ve done some version of monogrammed pumpkins on several occasions. Love this version with 3 types different pumpkins and fonts. via BHG}

crossword chalkboard pumpkin

{clever chalkboard crossword pumpkin. via cecy j}

trailer pumpkin

{adorable! from BHG}

gold painted pumpkin with house numbers

{love the simple gilded pumpkin with house numbers, originally found on em for marvelous}

glitter pumpkins

{pretty sure my girls would die and go to heaven if I made these glittery pumpkins with them…But dad has a strict no-glitter policy. via thefabguide}

faux bois pumpkin

{I love pretty much anything faux bois. It appeals to my rustic tastes in the same vain as bison, moose, woodland creatures & burning wood. For instructions take a look at the original post here}

for more inspiration take a look at last years pumpkin post


Pumpkin edibles to try:

pumpkin spice trail mix

{the recipe for this pumpkin spice trail mix is here}

baked pumpkin donuts

{I saw these on pinterest awhile back and they looked so good that I went out and bought a donut pan and whipped up a couple batches. They are divine. Especially straight out of the oven. Yum. Take a look at the recipe here}