Backyard fire pit love


This picture is basically the perfect combination of summertime pleasures (other than maybe a few more chairs with friendlies sitting around):

{originally found on this old house}

If you know me personally it is no surprise to you that I don’t particularly like the heat. 68 degrees is about my favorite, after that it’s all sweaty. I complain long & loud about it and ask everyone around me, “are you dying? It’s so HOT.” However, hot days mean really lovely evenings here in Oregon and sitting around a fire on a summer evening is just about my favorite thing (you may have read here that wood smoke is my favorite smell). While others immediately wash everything after a camping trip, I try and hang on to the smoke smell in my pillow case as long as possible.

If you share my love of fire, you should build a fire pit this summer (or have your handy husband/brother/dad do it), it is way less daunting than the backyard cottage project and can be done really cheap. I’ll show you some pictures of one we built (& by we, I mean Jeff) and then tell you what we will do differently next time and where to buy the products:

1. clear a spot, lay down your circular pavers (the kind used to rim a tree).

2. draw around the pavers (a stick will work for this), move them out of the way and then dig out to the depth of the pavers.

3. Put pavers back in and pack around the edges with some of the dirt you dug out of the hole.

btw: after this picture my husband decided it was too shallow and went and got 3 more pavers, dug deeper and did this all again, but as usual I didn’t get those pictures.

 Now you have built a fire pit for $11.96! (when you buy 6 of these from Home Depot):

What you do next could completely blow that tiny fire pit budget, so don’t go too crazy (after all, this is supposed to be a cheap & easy project). If you already had grass around where you put in your pit, you could just clear a small area around it (to prevent sparks from catching fire) & call it a day, or you can make more of a seating area, or whatever you want (let your imagination be your guide). Here is what ours looked like after we finished everything up:

We bought the slate off craigslist and while it wasn’t expensive we would just skip it all together next time and put some sort of small rock or gravel down. The slate was pretty low-quality and it was impossible to level, so our chairs were always teetering back and forth. You could spend more on better materials, but I don’t think it is worth it since your chairs will settle nicely into the gravel & it looks just as nice:

{originally found on fresh home ideas}

If you like the look of the surround in the above picture better, and are willing to spend more money you could use something like this:

(this company is in California, but you can google concrete ring + your location and find something local):


If you don’t want to put something in-ground or aren’t allowed to have real fire in your backyard here are some good options:

{hammered copper fire pit}

{modern steel fire pit by austin outdoor – you may remember me praising their mailbox/house number combo here}

{fire column by real flame burns “fire gel”}

{fire pit by ChimineaI’m not sure why it’s called the “Brad Pitt”}


Hope you have many nights singing Kumbaya around your new fire pit!