Pretty Stuff I Like {for kids}

My ability to finish a blog post with 3 children is becoming a little bit of a joke. I have started about 10 in the last few months and finished 1…So, I am officially lowering my standards. It’s my blog and no one is paying me to maintain it, so here is a list of some pretty things I like that have no connecting force, except that they are kid focused {makes sense, since I am kid-focused these days}:


{camp was more exciting to me as a child then Disneyland – yes, really! –  so you can imagine how dreamy I find these camp cots from the adorable french shop Serendipity. The 3 unrelated words on the pillows gave me the giggles thinking of the funny stationary I purchased in SF’s china town years ago because it had totally non-sensical “English” phrases. I think this must be the French’s equivilent of us putting french words on things and finding it tré fancy}

orange and white striped teepee

{love this teepee from Land of Nod. Hoping to get it for Kitch is he ever has his own room}

white modern high chair

{this simple and beautifully designed high-chair from the Swedish shop Stilleben puts the awful babies-r-us high chairs to shame}

knitted fox mobile

{best little knitted fox mobile ever – maybe the only one ever – I don’t know, I just love it}

baby outfit

 {this may just be the cutest little outfit I have ever seen. I love it. You can buy it from Layered Cake}

USA map

{map by Petite Collage}

auggie bedding

{I adore all the bedding from the Canadian company Auggie – I also adore Canadians. I married one.}

toddler backpack

{Dora the explorer backpack? I think not. You have options, I promise…check out these adorable toddler backpacks over at Weepereas}


Need some more kiddo inspiration? Take a look at this pinterest board: