Backyard Office Dreams

We are on the move again! This time we are headed to dreamy Bend, Oregon. We are hoping to find a home to stay put in for awhile.  Our wishlist is pretty long and our budget is modest…But something we will need for sure is an office for hubs, as he will go back to working from home. You may remember the adorable home office he built himself a few houses/years ago (if not, you can see it here). While he is handy enough to do it again, he is short on free time these days, so I have been hunting down some pretty pre-fab office options and architect designs. Take a look:

Studio Shed

{studio shed}

backyard office

{Thomas Lawton Architect}

backyard cottage

{Beaman Building}

pod space

{pod space – my personal favorite}

rustic backyard office

{Park City Architects}


{Bunkie Co.}



ecospace backyard office


shipping container cabin

{shipping container cabin}

Dreamy, right? I think he might have a hard time not doing this himself, since when I showed him the last one with the shipping container he said, “I should do that!” Yes, husband. I think you should. Hope I’ve inspired some backyard office dreams for you. If you find something great I missed, please post a comment with a link.


For more inspiration follow this pinterest board, or this post

Summer project: backyard cottage

A few summers ago, a house ago, Jeff built the cutest little office/storage room in our backyard. Now, I know he is handy (all self-taught & father-in-law taught) & I know he is particular, but when he told me he was going to make a backyard cottage with no plans, I was a little skeptical. From now on I will keep my mouth shut though, because look what he made (HE EVEN MADE THE DOORS FROM SCRATCH):

I mean look at those beautiful doors. SO DARN CUTE! So, now that you’ve seen the finished project I’ll show you how he did it (in pictures of course, I don’t actually know HOW he built it – I leave that fancy stuff to him and I just get out the paint brushes when it’s all done).


he carried some wood to the location (after a few days of leveling things out & while listening to sports-talk radio, no doubt):

he & my dad built this platform thing and put the sheeting down:

Then they put up this back wall:

And this front wall (they even took a break long enough to pose through the windows for me):

And the roof (I missed a few walls!):

Then during the HOTTEST days of the summer they finished the roof sheeting & put the roof on (I only got this one picture though because I hid inside in the a/c and only occasionally ran out to give them popsicles):

Then Jeff’s parents came for a visit & we put them to work too (here his dad & he are putting the black stuff up, I can’t remember what it’s actually called):

Here it’s all up:

After this picture I got distracted until the project was done and forgot to take more pictures — but, he put siding up, put in some vintage windows, laid down pine flooring in the office section, sheet-rocked, painted and moved into this adorable office (you may have seen it before in one of my posts about art):

And, Voila! It’s that easy. Now you should go make a backyard office/studio too

{p.s. it’s actual hard work I think- but when you are the person just taking the pictures it seems easy}