Pumpkin Decorating {& eating} Inspiration

Here’s a little pumpkin decorating inspiration round-up from around the web:

monogrammed pumpkins

{we’ve done some version of monogrammed pumpkins on several occasions. Love this version with 3 types different pumpkins and fonts. via BHG}

crossword chalkboard pumpkin

{clever chalkboard crossword pumpkin. via cecy j}

trailer pumpkin

{adorable! from BHG}

gold painted pumpkin with house numbers

{love the simple gilded pumpkin with house numbers, originally found on em for marvelous}

glitter pumpkins

{pretty sure my girls would die and go to heaven if I made these glittery pumpkins with them…But dad has a strict no-glitter policy. via thefabguide}

faux bois pumpkin

{I love pretty much anything faux bois. It appeals to my rustic tastes in the same vain as bison, moose, woodland creatures & burning wood. For instructions take a look at the original post here}

for more inspiration take a look at last years pumpkin post


Pumpkin edibles to try:

pumpkin spice trail mix

{the recipe for this pumpkin spice trail mix is here}

baked pumpkin donuts

{I saw these on pinterest awhile back and they looked so good that I went out and bought a donut pan and whipped up a couple batches. They are divine. Especially straight out of the oven. Yum. Take a look at the recipe here}

House Tour: Perfect SE Portland Foursquare

Almost a year ago I went to a bridal shower for my friend at her sister’s house. The shower was just lovely and the setting was perfect. I went a little nuts snooping around the house. It was just the sweetest-perfectly-put-together vintage foursquare. I go wild for homes that are so obviously loved and thoroughly thoughtful in their homey-ness (yeah, you’re right – that’s not a word). Plus, I think this house is the hybrid between my mom’s style and my style: Perfectly vintage with plenty of visual interest but also impeccably orderly. I sent Oregon Home a few emails alerting them about this beauty right under their noses, but since they are evidently asleep at the wheel I asked the Gregg family if I could come take pictures of their home and show it off to my readers…And, as luck would have it, by the time I got around to it they had decided to move and they are about to put this house on the market. So, you are getting a super sneak peek at a house you can actually make your own. So, here it is:

Vintage Portland Foursquare

Vintage Portland Porch

White and blue living space

the loved home house tour

beautiful blue and white living room

{I literally just noticed while writing this that the mantle is faux. Pretty great fake in my opinion. I actually have a pet-peeve about “free-standing fireplaces” that plug-in or whatever, but this is in it’s own category. I sent Nicki – the homeowner – a quick message to ask about it and she said it was an ugly craigslist find that she gussied up with some carpentry help from her husband and that maybe she could do a whole post about the transformation…stay tuned for that!}

blue and yellow pillows

renovated vintage kitchen

renovated Portland kitchen

Vintage Stove

{Ahhhhh THE STOVE (the pictures DO NOT do it justice)! People that cherish a vintage stove are my kind of people. It is just so, so cute. I hope they get to take it with them to their new house, but then I hope the new owners find one just as cute so the kitchen can still be this adorable!}

Perfect Vintage Kitchen Redo

Marmoleum Counters

{how clever is this: Marmoleum counters! It is so perfect in this style/age of home. The color is just right too.}

Vintage Stove Close-up

Blue and Brown TV room

blue and brown family room

{love the pale blue/brown combo in this lounge space & get a load of all those organized toys, etc.}

craft box storage

{just had to include this close-up (in spite of the poor quality) because she has a box that is labelled duct tape, & below it knitting & weaving. I mean, really?  This is just too much cuteness in one house}

vintage pink guest bedroom

{pretty little guest room}

land of nod paper letters

turquoise girls room

sophisticated boys room

classy boys bedroom

George Perrou Art

{if you are lucky enough to have a super talented artist brother-in-law you too can have kitschy personalized art like the one in this picture. If you are not that lucky you can buy it from the talented George Perrou}

Vintage Pink Bedroom

vintage pink and green bedroom

sitting area

{Perfectly pink room. When I chose a lovely shade of pink called ‘ballet slipper’ for our family room I envisioned it looking something like this. It didn’t. It looked like flesh-tones. It’s since been painted gray. Pink is harder to get right than you might think, especially in a grown-ups bedroom. This room is just right}

craft room

craft supply storage

nooks and crannies

craft room

{If you are a crafter you would think you had died and gone to craft heaven when you walked into this attic-turned-perfect-craft-space. I especially love that there were 2 little craft spaces just right for the kiddos tucked into the dormer windows.}


Hope you enjoyed my first home tour post…And keep an eye out for future posts from Nicki Gregg. A woman that can put together this beauty (with plenty of help from her handy husband) surely has a few things to show us.

Homemade gifts worth getting

I am not that crafty. My sister got all those genes in our family. She writes poetry for people (the good kind, that should be published – not the kind you wonder where to hide in your home) She makes things out of clay, she stays up until 3am making every item for her daughters birthdays (including homemade princess dresses & crowns)…One year the level of thoughtful personalization of gifts from my sis got so out of hand (OK, we were feeling insecure) that as my dad was unwrapping the wool sweater we purchased him from REI, Jeff commented that he was sure Katie had woven him one out of her hair (I’m sure it wasn’t that far off-base). Anyway, I shamelessly support the material, economic engine of the USA by purchasing my gifts…The truth is, I don’t usually want to receive homemade things, they are usually so…homey. My aesthetic isn’t homey. Now that I have said it and made every person past and future insecure about making me things I would like to follow-up with some home made gifts I have received over the years that were great: burp clothes from my Aunt Di, all my baby bedding from my grandma (I picked out the fabric and she made them), a few beautiful quilts for the birth of my daughters, book of wonderful parenting/childhood quotes from my friend…I am sure I have received some other wonderful things that I am forgetting from every single person that is reading this (sorry to offend). Anyway, my point is that while I can go to crafty wonderland and appreciate most everything there, almost none of it would fit in my home. That being said, my husband and I do love the thought and process of making things for other people (& have given homemade canned goods & caramels as gifts for a few years now), so I am a curating a list of things that I would love to receive from others & that seem do-able as a way to kick start the holiday crafting time of year.


 DIY salt dough or cornstarch ornaments {here’s a recipe}:

cornstarch and salt dough ornaments

{images found originally at 1. even*cleveland, 2. Oleander and Palm, 3. Composing Hallelujahs, 4. the woodside kitchen. 5& 6 are for those who love this look but will never get around to making anything, you can buy these white ceramic beauties from marley & lockyer}


I would be happy to have these DIY home goods at my house:

modern homemade gifts

{1. DIY lavendar vanilla soy candle tutorial found on Ruffled, 2. wooden doormat DIY compliments of Martha Stewart 3. DIY rustic US map from Girl in Air 4. if you knew how to quilt and you made me this I wouldn’t be mad. It’s the anti-granny afghan & I LOVE IT. originally found here, 5. homemade soap is a serious labor of love. Don’t EVER feel bad about spending $5 for a bar at a craft show, the person who made that soap earned every penny. One year my sister made Jeff a years worth of amazing, gritty, clove-scented soap – the real stuff, not melted and reformed glycerine – & he has been daydreaming about more ever since. For a bunch of recipes look here, 6. Pillow tutorial here}


DIY food/drink gifts {homemade food is pretty much always a good idea, because it doesn’t take up space for long & if the person receiving it doesn’t appreciate it, chances are someone in the household will}:

gourmet homemade food gifts

{1. recipe for these homemade peanut butter cups is from Blue-Eyed Bakers, 2. find a tutorial for homemade fruit jellies at sunset magazine , 3.recipe for candied pecans, 4. I love friendship or russian tea. It’s made with Tang which is pretty much enough reason not to love it, but I still do & you know, everything in moderation. Here is a recipe for this delish drink mix which would be so cute packaged in a little glass jar with a homemade label,  5. I fell in love with pasteis de nata during a trip to Portugal & I like the idea of introducing something new to friends, 6. infused vodka can never be a bad idea and keeps forever, I made a cucumber gin that lasted years…}


If you have kiddos {or know kids you want to give gifts to} here are some of my favorites:

homemade gifts for children

{1. I would love these large stacking rings for my kiddos, such a great diy idea, 2. What child’s day isn’t made happier with a felt crown? 3. If you happen to be my husband you may have been put up to making some version of this for our daughters for Christmas – good thing they don’t read my blog – or you could spend $1300 and purchase them from Modern Playhouse, that is if tons of other parents. with way too much money, hadn’t already bought them all! 4. how about these adorable sewing cards from the adorable/informative  handmade charlotte. It’s a free printable, so all you need to do is add a needle and chunky thread & put it in a cute box. easy peasy! 5.this would be a great semi-homemade gift to make for a child – or homeschooling mom like me – again, you don’t even have to be crafty, just download the printable and assemble. You can find it at Mr.Printables. While you are there you should look around, if you have littles, it may be your new favorite freebie website}


You now have no excuse, go make something! If you know us, you may even be the recipients of some of this fun stuff!