House Exterior Before & After

You might think that a person who writes a home blog would take really great before and after photos of their major projects. But, in my case, you would be wrong. The before I lifted off the Redfin site and the after was taken on my iphone. Better than nothing though, right?


30th exterior before

house exterior after

Shortest post ever!


House Tour: Perfect SE Portland Foursquare

Almost a year ago I went to a bridal shower for my friend at her sister’s house. The shower was just lovely and the setting was perfect. I went a little nuts snooping around the house. It was just the sweetest-perfectly-put-together vintage foursquare. I go wild for homes that are so obviously loved and thoroughly thoughtful in their homey-ness (yeah, you’re right – that’s not a word). Plus, I think this house is the hybrid between my mom’s style and my style: Perfectly vintage with plenty of visual interest but also impeccably orderly. I sent Oregon Home a few emails alerting them about this beauty right under their noses, but since they are evidently asleep at the wheel I asked the Gregg family if I could come take pictures of their home and show it off to my readers…And, as luck would have it, by the time I got around to it they had decided to move and they are about to put this house on the market. So, you are getting a super sneak peek at a house you can actually make your own. So, here it is:

Vintage Portland Foursquare

Vintage Portland Porch

White and blue living space

the loved home house tour

beautiful blue and white living room

{I literally just noticed while writing this that the mantle is faux. Pretty great fake in my opinion. I actually have a pet-peeve about “free-standing fireplaces” that plug-in or whatever, but this is in it’s own category. I sent Nicki – the homeowner – a quick message to ask about it and she said it was an ugly craigslist find that she gussied up with some carpentry help from her husband and that maybe she could do a whole post about the transformation…stay tuned for that!}

blue and yellow pillows

renovated vintage kitchen

renovated Portland kitchen

Vintage Stove

{Ahhhhh THE STOVE (the pictures DO NOT do it justice)! People that cherish a vintage stove are my kind of people. It is just so, so cute. I hope they get to take it with them to their new house, but then I hope the new owners find one just as cute so the kitchen can still be this adorable!}

Perfect Vintage Kitchen Redo

Marmoleum Counters

{how clever is this: Marmoleum counters! It is so perfect in this style/age of home. The color is just right too.}

Vintage Stove Close-up

Blue and Brown TV room

blue and brown family room

{love the pale blue/brown combo in this lounge space & get a load of all those organized toys, etc.}

craft box storage

{just had to include this close-up (in spite of the poor quality) because she has a box that is labelled duct tape, & below it knitting & weaving. I mean, really?  This is just too much cuteness in one house}

vintage pink guest bedroom

{pretty little guest room}

land of nod paper letters

turquoise girls room

sophisticated boys room

classy boys bedroom

George Perrou Art

{if you are lucky enough to have a super talented artist brother-in-law you too can have kitschy personalized art like the one in this picture. If you are not that lucky you can buy it from the talented George Perrou}

Vintage Pink Bedroom

vintage pink and green bedroom

sitting area

{Perfectly pink room. When I chose a lovely shade of pink called ‘ballet slipper’ for our family room I envisioned it looking something like this. It didn’t. It looked like flesh-tones. It’s since been painted gray. Pink is harder to get right than you might think, especially in a grown-ups bedroom. This room is just right}

craft room

craft supply storage

nooks and crannies

craft room

{If you are a crafter you would think you had died and gone to craft heaven when you walked into this attic-turned-perfect-craft-space. I especially love that there were 2 little craft spaces just right for the kiddos tucked into the dormer windows.}


Hope you enjoyed my first home tour post…And keep an eye out for future posts from Nicki Gregg. A woman that can put together this beauty (with plenty of help from her handy husband) surely has a few things to show us.

It has to get ugly, before it gets good

Here’s what our 3-year old daughter thinks of the current state of things at our remodel: “I don’t like this house, this isn’t a good house.” It turns out she doesn’t have ‘vision’ to see past no sheet-rock, no tubs, dust everywhere and carpet tack sticking up on every step. I hesitate to show the “progress” photos for the rest of you who might share her lack of vision…But, for the sake of you who love the messy part, I will. I am skipping the “befores” until we get to the “afters”, so here are the “middles”:

{living room}

{kitchen – nice chandelier, right?}

{main bathroom}

{downstairs bathroom}

{family room – good thing we are removing that framing with a wholelotta black mold – yuck!}

Since these pictures leave much to be desired, I feel the need to follow-up with a few pictures of one of our former remodel projects {at the time I took these pictures I had no plans of starting a blog & had a crummy camera, so please excuse the horrible quality}:

We loved the floor tile enough from this remodel we did 5 years ago to buy it again to put in the downstairs bath (it’s the black genesy from S’tile) . For that same bathroom Jeff has contrived a plan to make a fabulous sink console that looks something like this (we bought the sink, butcher block and heavy-duty brackets this weekend):

{originally found on decorpad}

Jeff tiled this entire bathroom with the vintage-style hexagon tile & classic subway on the wall & in the shower. We loved how it turned out, but it has forever scared us off from hex tile. I know it’s “period” and it looks pretty…for about a day, until you realize what a HORRIBLE job it is to try and keep all that white grout clean. Take my advice, stay away from tiny tile & white grout on the floor of your bathroom. It isn’t worth it, I promise (get that pretty dark grey tile from the other bathroom, it’s WAY easier to install & keep clean)

The thing that Jeff most wanted in this kitchen was the pot-filler. The thing I most wanted were the concrete counter-tops. By the time we finished this 2 year project I was pregnant with our first daughter and we decided to sell and downsize so I wouldn’t need to work, so we traded in 4 bedrooms/2 baths & 2700 sf  for 3 bedrooms/1 bath and 1100 sf – it was well worth the trade off & we found out we would rather have 1100 sf of well-planned space than a large poorly conceived home any day.  So, we didn’t fill many pots with that faucet, or prep too many meals on the counters, but they sure were pretty! (boy do I wish I had a before shot on this kitchen, because it was FUNKY, & not in a good way)

Stay posted for more “progress” shots.