It’s a Pouf! {small seating options}

I can almost not talk about this with a straight face. It’s a pouf, people! Wikipedia still thinks that “a pouf is a hairstyle deriving from 18th-century France – made popular by the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.” Somebody needs to tell them that it is more currently a popular casual seating or footrest option. In spite of their silly name, I think they are great (along with their cousin the floor pillow).

I have been thinking of them because the upper floor of our new house is entirely hardwood, so I am wanting some options for comfier seating than straight on the floor. We have 2 now of the large, boxy, soft footrest variety. We use them all the time (the girls love them for building forts). So, I am wanting to add to our collection.

Here are some favorites:

 this over-stuffed one:

 this crocheted aqua one:

This burlap sack one:

these silver & blue leather ones:

This yellow rope one:

This grey wool one:

this yellow round one:

this terry cloth one {a pouf to sit on while your kids are in the bath}:

this modern floral one:

This simple grey one:

these pretty patterned ones:

these felted “stone” ones:

these floor pillows:

If I didn’t come up with something to suit your taste here, click on the links – there are MANY, many more options where these came from.