details matter

I recently went with my husband to help one of his clients choose paint colors for her home, prior to putting it on the market. As we were leaving she threw in “hey do you think it would be worth it to change out the house number & mail slot?” (picture old, boring font, brass numbers screwed to the siding and a matching mail slot). The answer to this question is always YESSSSSSS! Of course. Especially when you have a $500k+ house that you’ve spent oodles of money on (and are even having the whole exterior painted). Don’t fall short of the finish line, the details make the house.

A few years ago we bought an enormous project of a house, in a really great neighborhood. I took my sales partner (at the time) over to the house and he looked it over and said, “that house looks like a bag lady!” He was right. BUT, it had a pretty lot, in a great location and potential (turns out by the time we finished the project we spent so much money we could have ripped it down and rebuilt it – oh well, live and learn).  It also, unfortunately, had cedar siding. There is nothing wrong with unpainted or stained cedar siding weathering to a soothing grey at the beach, but other applications tend to never quite look clean and finished. It’s all those darn grooves. That being said, we did the best we could and painted it a super dark brown to try and make it look it’s very best. We think it turned out nice – I think that was in large part due to the choice of details (porch light, good front door, house numbers, mail box). Here are the before and after shots (the before one is pretty poor quality, which makes it look kind of charming english cottage – trust me, it was much more cobwebby ‘Wuthering Heights’):

front door after

It is true that to get nice finishing touches you may have to spend a few bucks, but it makes a big impact. I put together a few collections that would look nice together:

{  mail box – Umbra, numbers – Seattle Lux, light – Geoform }

{ light – Kirkham, mail box – Waterglass Studios, numbers – Hamilton Sinkler }

{ numbers – Atlas, light – John Timberland, mail box – Ecco }

{ light – Bellacor, numbers – Ecco, mail box – Ecco }

My personal favorite would be a splurge at $275 but you get 2 for 1, with the combined house numbers & mailbox ( by Austin Outdoor Studio):

Hope this gets you inspired about sprucing up the front of your house. There are SOOOO many options I may follow-up with a second post on this theme.