easy DIY fire pit ideas

Disclaimer: I am using “easy” in a pretty liberal way in the title of this post as you will soon find out 🙂

A little over a year ago I posted about this easy in-ground DIY fire pit we made:

diy fire pit

{you can see the full post with pictures/instructions here}…On a trip to both Lowe’s & Home Depot last week with my father-in-law {they are visiting from Canada – Yay!} I was surprised to find out they no longer stock the tree ring pavers we used to build the fire pit. When I asked about it I was told the manufacturer quit making them. I can’t find any other local supplier, but here are a couple companies that are still making them if you want to go hunting:  Mission Concrete Products & Bayshore Concrete. Or, feel free to post in the comments where you have found them so others will know.


In the meantime, here are some alternative ideas:

If you or someone you know has welding skills you could make something simple and sleek like this gorgeous thing the clever people over at Brick House created {just don’t lean up against in on accident, youch!}:

modern diy fire pit——–

…or you could go nuts and build forms, pour concrete and create an outdoor gas fireplace like this one:

modern concrete fire pit

take a look at the plans over at the diy network for an idea of how to make something like what is above

diy concrete fire pit{in the end they take things a little too far and add some tacky river rock and flagstone embellishment on top, but if you stop at this phase you will have something just lovely}


I love the idea of this small, portable fire that you can take with you:

portable fire column{these can be purchased from the restoration hardware catalog for a pretty penny, but you can make something similar with these diy plans from The Art of Doing Stuff}


How’s this for a truly simple outdoor fire pit {Ruhl Walker Architects}:

simple outdoor fire pit

{1. dig out a large circular area, 2. put in some edging material, 3. throw down some gravel, 4. build a fire}


And, last but not least, for those of you who have the luxury of building from scratch consider this fire pit built into the patio {and also take a look at all the pictures of this beautiful home by Goforth Gill Architects}:

built-in outdoor fire pit


As an aside: I was at Edgefield with my family last weekend – the website  claims that it is “a truly remarkable destination” and it is – but this came to mind as I was admiring the trees and buildings & fire pits for that matter “No eye has seen, no ear has heard,and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” And it’s true.

The Loved Husband

Since it is Father’s Day tomorrow I thought I would show you all the dreamy things I would buy for my sweet husband – if money were no obstacle (even though on Mother’s Day he said, “You’re not my mom, it’s not my fault if those girls didn’t come up with anything for you” – all the while he was laying hardwood floors in my new/upcoming kitchen, which is better than flowers and chocolate for this girl any day). Since we live in the real world I got him a book on canning (it wasn’t a sly way of buying myself a canning book either, the man cans *sigh* on top of everything else). They wouldn’t all go in a home, so humor me for being a little off topic:

red and white vintage bronco{this vintage bronco – originally found here}

vintage motorcycle with sidecar{this vintage motorcycle with side car, the side car is  probably not part of the one he’s been dreaming about, but I need somewhere to sit! originally found here}

vintage leather chair{this perfectly worn-in leather chair – found on House of Fraser}

old brick root cellar{this root cellar built in 1843 – originally found here}

industrial art{this painting “Red Truck” by one of our favorite artists Dan Robinson}

lazy river{this lazy river in our backyard, with us in it, would be extra nice! – originally found here}

Instead of these lovely goods, he is going to get some homemade cinnamon rolls, a card from his daughter (the one old enough to draw) & the above mentioned book about canning, and then he is going to go spend the rest of his weekend working on our house, without complaint. I have 2 blessed little girls! (I also happen to have a really great Dad and Father-in-law). Hope you find time to tell yours how special he is.