Living Room Makeover

Finally got around to cleaning up and taking pictures of our living room makeover. Since I showed you our kitchen a week or so ago, we (by we I mean my husband and my father-in-law. Are you starting to wonder if I do anything besides just write about the things other people do?) have put up 25 lbs. of pickled beets, 25 lbs. of dill pickles, blackberry sauce and peach sauce. Tomorrow we are doing 25 lbs. of dilly beans (green beans with dill and garlic and a few with jalapeños) and more blackberry sauce, and if the heat doesn’t get us too down we may brave the county fair to check out some piglets and elephant ears. So…the house reveal is slow-going. But, here is our living room and dining room (the part not seen in the kitchen photos) with before and afters:

living room before

dining room before{how do you like those purple walls? This shows the wall Jeff took down into the kitchen}


Here are the afters:

living room and dining room after

living room makeover

dining room makeover{most the space is a shade of gray with a little aqua thrown in. I think the little girl in the corner of the room is making the space extra lovely}

The remodel of this space was achieved primarily through coats and coats of paint. I stuck with a pretty neutral pallet because it is a  small space and it makes it feel less busy. We had the railing sand-blasted and powder coated (after I tried painting it myself and it turned into a horrible mess). We also removed the pellet stove and will have the chimney inspected and ready for real wood by winter. We removed all the baseboard heat and added a new furnace/HVAC system to the house. And of course the floors got refinished through-out this whole floor.