Modern Rug Round-up

Kitch is starting to sit up…& fall down! Which means a face-plant into our HARDwood floors. So, I really need to narrow things down in my rug-hunt so that sweet little peach can face plant into something a little squishier. Here is what I have narrowed it down to:

jonathan adler sybil rug

{Jonathan Adler Sybil Lines Warm}

trina turk2

{trina turk vivacious blue hook rug – I love the one in pink too}

 orange/cream modern rug

{momeni bliss rug in orange}

surya modern blue geo rug

{Surya cosmopolitan rug – this is the current front runner}

gray/white modern tufted wool rug

(surya harlequin in oyster gray}

angela adams ocean rug

{Angela Adams ocean rug}

modern peony rug

{Harlequin Tembok – Peony}

modern HAY dot rug

{HAY dot rug}

amy butler sandlewood rug

{Amy Butler Sandlewood Grass}

House Tour: Perfect SE Portland Foursquare

Almost a year ago I went to a bridal shower for my friend at her sister’s house. The shower was just lovely and the setting was perfect. I went a little nuts snooping around the house. It was just the sweetest-perfectly-put-together vintage foursquare. I go wild for homes that are so obviously loved and thoroughly thoughtful in their homey-ness (yeah, you’re right – that’s not a word). Plus, I think this house is the hybrid between my mom’s style and my style: Perfectly vintage with plenty of visual interest but also impeccably orderly. I sent Oregon Home a few emails alerting them about this beauty right under their noses, but since they are evidently asleep at the wheel I asked the Gregg family if I could come take pictures of their home and show it off to my readers…And, as luck would have it, by the time I got around to it they had decided to move and they are about to put this house on the market. So, you are getting a super sneak peek at a house you can actually make your own. So, here it is:

Vintage Portland Foursquare

Vintage Portland Porch

White and blue living space

the loved home house tour

beautiful blue and white living room

{I literally just noticed while writing this that the mantle is faux. Pretty great fake in my opinion. I actually have a pet-peeve about “free-standing fireplaces” that plug-in or whatever, but this is in it’s own category. I sent Nicki – the homeowner – a quick message to ask about it and she said it was an ugly craigslist find that she gussied up with some carpentry help from her husband and that maybe she could do a whole post about the transformation…stay tuned for that!}

blue and yellow pillows

renovated vintage kitchen

renovated Portland kitchen

Vintage Stove

{Ahhhhh THE STOVE (the pictures DO NOT do it justice)! People that cherish a vintage stove are my kind of people. It is just so, so cute. I hope they get to take it with them to their new house, but then I hope the new owners find one just as cute so the kitchen can still be this adorable!}

Perfect Vintage Kitchen Redo

Marmoleum Counters

{how clever is this: Marmoleum counters! It is so perfect in this style/age of home. The color is just right too.}

Vintage Stove Close-up

Blue and Brown TV room

blue and brown family room

{love the pale blue/brown combo in this lounge space & get a load of all those organized toys, etc.}

craft box storage

{just had to include this close-up (in spite of the poor quality) because she has a box that is labelled duct tape, & below it knitting & weaving. I mean, really?  This is just too much cuteness in one house}

vintage pink guest bedroom

{pretty little guest room}

land of nod paper letters

turquoise girls room

sophisticated boys room

classy boys bedroom

George Perrou Art

{if you are lucky enough to have a super talented artist brother-in-law you too can have kitschy personalized art like the one in this picture. If you are not that lucky you can buy it from the talented George Perrou}

Vintage Pink Bedroom

vintage pink and green bedroom

sitting area

{Perfectly pink room. When I chose a lovely shade of pink called ‘ballet slipper’ for our family room I envisioned it looking something like this. It didn’t. It looked like flesh-tones. It’s since been painted gray. Pink is harder to get right than you might think, especially in a grown-ups bedroom. This room is just right}

craft room

craft supply storage

nooks and crannies

craft room

{If you are a crafter you would think you had died and gone to craft heaven when you walked into this attic-turned-perfect-craft-space. I especially love that there were 2 little craft spaces just right for the kiddos tucked into the dormer windows.}


Hope you enjoyed my first home tour post…And keep an eye out for future posts from Nicki Gregg. A woman that can put together this beauty (with plenty of help from her handy husband) surely has a few things to show us.

Modern, Beautiful Bedding


I am in the market for some new bedding. We moved our house around in preparation for our new arrival (due in the beginning of March) and now we are using the downstairs family room as our bedroom/nursery. The upside is it has a fireplace and more space. The downside is that it is currently a smorgasbord of random items collected throughout the years posing as a bedroom set. Most everything is a shade of tan/white/beige/pink and gives me the overall impression that my “theme” in putting it together was “flesh-tones”…Needless to say, something has got to give.  I want to start with bedding. In general I like to stick with textures more than patterns when choosing bedding because it is more versatile and easier to change. This is especially true when combining 2 spaces. In our case Nursery/Bedroom. We want it all to go together so we will need to stick with a similar color pallet and go from there. I am leaning towards a grey base (no surprise, considering it is the primary color throughout the whole house) and adding some orange and brown into the mix. But, I might change my mind while writing this post, because I keep coming across all sorts of snuggly, fabulous options in beautiful colors. Let’s start with the throws:

rouched blanket{you can find these at Nordtrom for a mere $48, I especially love the “blue mist”}

modern knit quilt{this beauty makes me want to pick up my knitting needles again. Especially since I never got past the scarf straight-line phase of knitting. In fact the entire website, Purlbee, is amazing. Nothing granny about it}

gray and orange blanket

{this blanket by Woolrich would be a perfect adult compliment to the colors we are thinking of for our little buddies space. p.s. I bought my husband a blanket from woolrich a few years ago – husband has a bit of a blanket addiction – & we love it!}

rouched quilt{this pintuck quilt by bloomingdale’s comes in a number of colors and is lovely in person. We have 2 in a marigold color – which they no longer have – for our girls. I’ll post a pic below}

modern girls room{see that little bird hanging in mid-air? That’s what you get when you put a 2-year old in a bed within reach of the wall decal. He used to be sitting on a branch 🙂 – you win some & you lose some}

modern "pendleton"{love, love, love these! They have a cabin rustic or modern vibe. Would look great in so many styles. Especially love the graphite/aqua combo. You can buy them at abchome & they come in a “throw” size and queen size if you want it as your bedcover}

yellow anthropologie throw{isn’t this lovely? and it looks perfectly-worn-in-sweater-soft. you can find it at anthropologie}

neon pink striped wool blanket{I’ve often thought that Design Within Reach was oddly named – I’m not sure who would think a $525 throw was “within reach” but if you do, I think this would be the perfect choice. As much as I have tried to reject the neon trend it has snuck up on me and in small doses I find I like it.}


OK, so I could spend hours finding more amazing throws, but then I would never get to the duvet covers & bedspreads. We have always been a duvet family, they are so cozy and warm, but I have to admit to liking the way a bedspread looks when made…No lumps & bumps, just a nice smooth surface. So, I will show you both and you can decide what you like best:

anthropologie zigzag quilt{I tend to stay away from patterns of any kind of a comforter because it can take over the whole room, but this is pretty lovely and you could do a lot of different things in a room around it. Find it at anthropolgie}

polka dot duvet set{my sister pointed out this adorable duvet set when we were at ikea the other day. It comes with a white background too. So cute for an older girls room.}

moose duvet bynord{basically the best duvet cover I have seen! it’s from bynord & I contacted the company and they will ship to the US…this may soon be on my bed}

shabby chic girls bedding{I’m not generally much for florals – maybe you noticed – but this is so fresh & vibrant, I just love it! Plus, it’s called the “sister florals” and it would be perfect in a room for sisters. You can find it at Garnet Hill}

smocked gray duvet{love this smocked grey set from Pinecone Hill. It comes in white too, if you want a blank slate to work with in your bedroom}


Oh how I love throw pillows! They are so aptly named too, since what you mostly do is throw them off your bed and off your couch so you can get comfortable. They bend all my rules of form & function – since they are mostly just there to be pretty, but I love them just the same}

linen and neon pillow{perfect combo of rustic and modern from SMITHhandmade}

yellow ruffled pillow{this yellow ruffled pillow from The Land of Nod would look great with the grey smocked duvet set above}

modern bolsters{love these bolster pillows from Blue Dot}

house pillow{I don’t know where exactly you would use this vertical pillow by Design Public, but I sure like it}

balsam pillow{In general I find the words put on home goods poorly chosen – for more on that see this post – but these little gems from Izola have both good words and a good smell. They are filled with Balsam needles! I am pretty sure I am the target market for these. Before you buy them though make sure and look at the size. Think sachet, not chair pillow}


If you need some more inspiration take a look at this post – specifically, for throw pillows, or this pinterest board for all sorts of home goods, including bedding.

Organize for the New Year

I am not much for New Year’s resolutions. They seem like a set-up for failure, not to mention that if I want to change something about myself, circumstances or home I would rather start as soon as the idea strikes. That being said, I am for getting organized anytime of year and when you are taking down all your Christmas stuff and figuring out where to put all the newly acquired Christmas goods seems like an obvious time to me. My New Years gift to you is some beautiful & functional organization ideas.


When I was getting things organized for my homeschooling adventure I needed a bunch of storage for colored pencils, pens, dry erase pens, crayons, etc. I was about to buy some containers when it dawned on me that we have a huge supply of mason jars in a variety of sizes (due to my husbands canning addiction). They are perfect. Here is some inspiration about the myriad uses of a mason jar:

mason jar storage{How about putting your good looking craft supplies on display? If you are like me this would just make you want to run out and buy cute craft supplies so you could see them lined up on a shelf in your craft space. Originally found at twotwentyone}

mason jar storage{originally found at lifeiscrazybeautiful. When I saw this I wondered why I never thought of it before now. So handy!}

mason jar storage basket{I posted this for 2 reasons. 1- mason jars are great storage for dry goods as shown here & 2- you can buy this vintage basket from thehomecraftcottage that fits 6 quart jars and takes your organization to a new level}

modern painted mason jars

{these beauties would look good storing anything and I love how modern it makes an old mason jar look. originally found at Blue Eyed Yonder}


Here are some storage bins & boxes that add to, rather than take away from the style in your house {unlike the plastic kind with a lid we all have too many of}:

burlap storage bag

{if you happen to be a reader that lives in Europe than you are lucky enough to shop h&m Sweden, or any of the other h&m stores that carry home goods. If not, you can be like me and add it to the growing list of fabulous things us Americans don’t have}

felt storage bag{I pretty much like all things felted. This would make a perfect catch-all for books, magazines, toys, games or even kindling. You can buy it from DIGS}

chunky knit storage bins{knit storage bins by landofnod would be great in an adult space that needs some color, or of course a kids room for easy toy clean up}

modern metal storage containers{I love these numbered boxes by Jayson Home}

etsy storage bin{if you want something personalized BaffinBags makes all sorts of storage bins out of lovely fabrics}

yellow vintage chest{I found this old wooden box at the etsy store oldgoatandhorse. The thing I really love about this simple, rustic style is that it works with pretty much any style. My home is pretty modern, but I have quite a few funky, junky items to add warmth and visual interest}


Here is some storage furniture I like. Really the options are endless in this department, so here are just a few of my favorites:

modern rustic coffee table with storage{love this simple coffee table by west elm. Form & function!}

chalkboard storage locker vintage{we have a few old lockers that I love as storage. One is in my kitchen and it houses all my baking stuff, oils, vinegars, salts, etc. I especially love that the old coat hooks are still in the large compartments because it is a perfect place to hang onions and potatoes so they get good circulation. This set with chalkboard paint was originally found here}

teal metal buffet table

{This teal metal console is intended as a TV stand, but I think it would make a great sofa table with blankets, books, etc stacked up, or a kitchen console with lots of white dishes and glassware piled on. You can buy it at Target for a measly $180 -BARGAIN – if you aren’t very adventurous it comes in white, black or orange, and it’s a really nice orange too. You should look.}


Here are some storage solutions for odds and ends:

open shelf storage in kitchen

{almost all kitchens have a little extra wall space where you could add some open shelves. Ikea has inexpensive stainless steel options & pretty much any home goods retailer has a myriad of options}

rustic hanging metal shelf{this hanging shelf can be found at Pottery Barn}

bright metal wall containers{love these wall containers from landofnod for a craft space, kids room or junk drawer alternative}


If you need some more storage tips & ideas here are some of my favorites from the experts:

8 incredible clever organizing tricks {from Houzz}

14 foolproof storage solutions {from Real Simple}

Winter organizing tips {from Martha Stewart}

Cozy Spaces

My sister loaned me a book awhile back all about the senses (can’t remember the name, but she might post below if you are interested). It came about because we were talking about how smells take us back the furthest. You know when you are walking outside and all of a sudden you smell that smell of flowers that were at the front of your great-grandmas long driveway in Sacramento – where you visited often as a child – and all of a sudden you remember taking long hot walks to the corner store for an otter pop. You hadn’t even thought of it since you were 3 or 4 and then there it is – all because of the smell of some forgotten flower…Well, anyway for some reason I smell those remind-me smells an awful lot in the fall. The cold mixed with rotting leaves. You get the idea, right? I’ve mentioned before that my favorite smell is woodsmoke, but especially woodsmoke from someone else’s home, while we are taking a cold, wet fall walk…Which of course got me thinking of my favorite cozy spaces. Which led me to today’s post. If you can’t actually get away to one of these places anytime soon, maybe you should curl up with some coffee and have a daydream:


I’m going to admit that while I have a tumblr account I don’t really get it, never use it personally & rarely even look at it. However, while writing this post I stumbled on a tumblr account that has the most gorgeous pictures ever at theyardpdx. You should look at all of them. But in case you don’t here are a collection of my favorites:

rustic cottages and cozy spaces{I should probably just finish my post here, since anything else I might add will pale in cozy comparison…But I will try, so I don’t feel like a blog cheater by just showing you someone else’s collection}

storm king ranger station{this is the lovely Storm King Ranger Station in the scenic Olympic Peninsula, worth the drive if you live in the Northwest, you can’t rent the station but you could stay in the nearby Lake Crescent Lodge}

tiny cottage on Galiano Island{this adorable cottage on Galiano Island, British Columbia is by far the cutest home I have ever seen that was built in the 1980’s}

red barn on Kinderhook Farm

{Just when you thought I forgot there was color in the world I post a huge red barn! You can rent this perfectly rustic space on Kinderhook Farm in Valatie, NY for a farmstay. No TV or internet, just lots of happy grass-fed animals & fresh-air. Yes please!}

floating cabin in France{how about this beauty at Les Sources de Caudalie in France}

Whitegates Cottage in UK

{wouldn’t you like to have tea in front of this fire at Whitegates Cottage? You can rent it through the UK National Trust}

Treehouse at Treehouse Point in Washington State

-{this is a tree house you can rent at Treehouse Point in Washington state.  As a child my absolute favorite thing at Disneyland was the swiss family robinson tree house, so you can imagine my disappointment when I went back last year and found they had turned it into tarzan’s house. lame. Maybe If I stayed here I could imagine I was part of the Swiss family}


Now that I have got you daydreaming I will leave you with this poem, by Robert Louis Stevenson (from A Child’s Garden of Verses}

Autumn Fire

In the other gardens
And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over
And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
The gray smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!

Monochrome Spaces

I’ve been away from the blog a little longer than usual because WE MOVED. Today’s post isn’t about our house (because we are still in the boxes everywhere stage of unpacking). But seeing our living room come together is making me want to look at other monochromatic rooms (ours is many shades of gray/grey). My favorite monochrome spaces are pretty much always white, so you will see a lot of those. It takes some pretty great architectural elements to pull off all white, but when done right it is SO, SO pretty. Here are some beauties:

cozy white bedroom with fireplace{seriously? a bed nook tucked behind a fireplace. I can think of nothing cozier. originally found on emmas designblog}

whitewashed open beams{this is what I mean, who has these ceilings & walls? I want them. originally found on housetohome}

yellow island in white kitchen{how, you say, is this monochromatic? well, that’s the thing about using primarily one color (like white). It makes the other colors just stand out. This gorgeous island would just get lost in a colorful kitchen, but here it is so eye-catching. Originally found on silverstarkitchen}

shades of pink bedroom{love this bedroom in all shades of pink, originally found on My Gen Y Family}

pink dining room{pink dining room originally found on sf girl by bay – she has a whole bunch of gorgeous pink rooms to peruse}

monochrome gray room{these beautiful gray rooms were originally found on The Inside Story}

monochrome mint green room{the pale aqua in this room looks so pretty against the dark wood beams & furnishings. Originally found on decorology}

all orange room{I’m not this bold, but if I was I would use orange like these folks! Originally found on BH&G}