Living Room Makeover

Finally got around to cleaning up and taking pictures of our living room makeover. Since I showed you our kitchen a week or so ago, we (by we I mean my husband and my father-in-law. Are you starting to wonder if I do anything besides just write about the things other people do?) have put up 25 lbs. of pickled beets, 25 lbs. of dill pickles, blackberry sauce and peach sauce. Tomorrow we are doing 25 lbs. of dilly beans (green beans with dill and garlic and a few with jalapeños) and more blackberry sauce, and if the heat doesn’t get us too down we may brave the county fair to check out some piglets and elephant ears. So…the house reveal is slow-going. But, here is our living room and dining room (the part not seen in the kitchen photos) with before and afters:

living room before

dining room before{how do you like those purple walls? This shows the wall Jeff took down into the kitchen}


Here are the afters:

living room and dining room after

living room makeover

dining room makeover{most the space is a shade of gray with a little aqua thrown in. I think the little girl in the corner of the room is making the space extra lovely}

The remodel of this space was achieved primarily through coats and coats of paint. I stuck with a pretty neutral pallet because it is a  small space and it makes it feel less busy. We had the railing sand-blasted and powder coated (after I tried painting it myself and it turned into a horrible mess). We also removed the pellet stove and will have the chimney inspected and ready for real wood by winter. We removed all the baseboard heat and added a new furnace/HVAC system to the house. And of course the floors got refinished through-out this whole floor.

Monochrome Spaces

I’ve been away from the blog a little longer than usual because WE MOVED. Today’s post isn’t about our house (because we are still in the boxes everywhere stage of unpacking). But seeing our living room come together is making me want to look at other monochromatic rooms (ours is many shades of gray/grey). My favorite monochrome spaces are pretty much always white, so you will see a lot of those. It takes some pretty great architectural elements to pull off all white, but when done right it is SO, SO pretty. Here are some beauties:

cozy white bedroom with fireplace{seriously? a bed nook tucked behind a fireplace. I can think of nothing cozier. originally found on emmas designblog}

whitewashed open beams{this is what I mean, who has these ceilings & walls? I want them. originally found on housetohome}

yellow island in white kitchen{how, you say, is this monochromatic? well, that’s the thing about using primarily one color (like white). It makes the other colors just stand out. This gorgeous island would just get lost in a colorful kitchen, but here it is so eye-catching. Originally found on silverstarkitchen}

shades of pink bedroom{love this bedroom in all shades of pink, originally found on My Gen Y Family}

pink dining room{pink dining room originally found on sf girl by bay – she has a whole bunch of gorgeous pink rooms to peruse}

monochrome gray room{these beautiful gray rooms were originally found on The Inside Story}

monochrome mint green room{the pale aqua in this room looks so pretty against the dark wood beams & furnishings. Originally found on decorology}

all orange room{I’m not this bold, but if I was I would use orange like these folks! Originally found on BH&G}

In a grey mood {or is it a gray mood}

I admit that even before starting a word of this post I had to google how the color grey is spelled (just to get through the title). I spell it with an a about half the time and an e the other half. Here is what I found on google:

“Have you often wondered “Am I spelling g-r-e-y correctly…or is it g-r-a-y?”. How do you spell the color grey or gray? Well, the answer is they are both correct. There are two acceptable spellings. Gray is used primarily in the United States and other areas that use US English. Grey is used in Great Britain and areas that use UK English.”  (this from the greyorgray website, haha) So, now that we have that figured out (sort of) I can be moving along to the actual topic.

I have been picking out paint colors for the new house and am realizing that pretty much every single color I have chosen so far is some shade of grey (I’m sticking with that spelling for now) and no matter how I try to branch out, I can’t. Even the tile I chose for the kitchen back splash is grey (& oh so lovely, can’t wait to see it up).

Here is a link to a follow-up post that shows the grey tile we put in our kitchen

Here is what I am loving in grey these days:


this bedset:

this bedset:

this tile:

this chair:

this couch:

these curtains:

this pot:

 this house’s color combo (grey + orange):

 this house’s color combo (grey + electric green):

This pillow {with Holli Zollinger fabric}:

I am IN LOVE with all of Holli Zollinger’s fabric, there have been nights when I have spent HOURS scouring online for good fabric and come up empty-handed and all along she was making oodles of amazing stuff – if you check out no other links take a look at this one (the entire spoonflower site is worth a look). She has such a diversity of style’s from totally classic chevron to elephants holding umbrella’s & they are all fantastic. Here are a few more examples:

So, what color has taken over your house?