Brick & Stone

I’m in Denver for a few days with my husband & on our walks we have seen some really beautiful brick buildings. I love brick & stone, especially the old crumbly kind (not so much the fake castle, new construction kind). We saw this beautiful church that has been turned into a private residence in the Cherry Creek neighborhood:

church converted into home

 This adorable brick duplex was right behind the church (they sure don’t make duplexes like they used to!):

brick duplex

I am in love with the tiny stacked brick that is above these windows (horizontal over the blue shuttered window and vertical over the brown trimmed windows), it reminds me of this crepe cake I pinned:

stacked brick on house

Last on my iphone picture tour of the Cherry Creek Neighborhood is this house, which Jeff says looks bearded. The brick is hidden under all that green ivy, also a favorite exterior siding application (although the Realtor in my husband couldn’t help but note that an inspector would call out all that living stuff growing on the side of the house a problem, not added charm):

ivy covered house


So, now of course I am thinking of all my other favorite applications of brick/stone. I am especially partial to the well-worn whitewashed look:

whitewashed brick house{originally seen on flowergardengirl}

whitewashed stone cottage{this beauty was the ancestral home of our President Ulysses S. Grant in Northern Ireland}

whitewashed farm house{this charming English home is from the 17th Century & is believed to be a home mentioned in a Wordsworth poem!}

metal home built into brick ruins{this simple weathered steel structure was built off-site and dropped within the confines of the remains of this beautiful old brick building. To see lots more pictures & take a look at the original post go to hindsvik at home – they also happen to sell fabulous vintage finds on their site too!}

adorable stone cottage{this charming stone cottage was originally found here}

perfect small brick cottage{this cottage + this setting = quaint perfection – not to mention the little fenced in garden! Originally found here}


Of course, I also love the exposed brick walls and stone walls inside of a building. My style tends towards modern, clean lines & old exposed brick brings warmth and life to a space, which is a nice contrast to modern styles. These photos of Capital Kitchen designed by Mim Design capture  a perfect balance of modern and rustic:

Capital Kitchen

Capital Kitchen


stone interior walls{these beautiful stone walls are inside a 15th Century home in Croatia. Full house tour originally found on the examiner}

brick interior walls{ love this whole room – originally found on Dream Book Design}

brick interior walls{originally found on That’s Chic}

exposed brick walls in modern loft{originally found on Elements at Home}

exposed whitewashed brick{originally found on coco+kelley}


If only we could all have ancient homes with hidden treasures like brick or stone hiding underneath layers of wall-paper, instead of nasty old plaster that needs a new layer, or boring sheet rock! {on that note, the sheet rock is going up in our house tomorrow :), so I’ll post some progress pictures next week}