State Pride Swag *Go Oregon!*

Has anyone else noticed the amount of goods being produced in the shape of the US States? Now, I realize how silly this is going to sound…But, I have always been super proud of myself for being an Oregonian {it makes no sense, I know, since I had absolutely no choice in the matter}. In fact, during my first week of college in Chicago, I was in the elevator with another girl and she just turned to me and said, “you’re from Oregon aren’t you?” WELL! She might as well have said, you are the most beautiful person in the world, so high was the compliment in my mind (turns out she was from Canby, a neighboring city to Oregon City, where I grew up). Needless to say, I think my home state is pretty swell. But – I’ll just be honest – I never imagined everyone felt the same way. I mean a pillow in the shape of Florida? Really?!? Now that you’ve seen my true colors let me show you my favorite Oregon swag . And if you are partial to – oh, I don’t know – Oklahoma, I’m sure you can follow the links and find your state swag too.

vintage inspired Oregon map

{via Paper Parasol Press}

Oregon pillow

{via love, California}

Oregon necklaces

{Oregon necklaces in silver, wood & leather via tru.che}

Oregon wood block art

{via LuciusArt}

Oregon keychain

{key chain by Duo Studio}

Oregon coffee table

{coffee table via Fontana Studios}


Here are a few goodies for the kids:

Oregon Rattle

{State rattle by Bannor Toys}

teether crop

{teether from Little Sapling Toyswe just bought their guitar teether for Kitch’s stocking}

Oregon Onesie

{‘made’ onesie by Seven Miles Per Second}

Pretty Stuff I Like {for kids}

My ability to finish a blog post with 3 children is becoming a little bit of a joke. I have started about 10 in the last few months and finished 1…So, I am officially lowering my standards. It’s my blog and no one is paying me to maintain it, so here is a list of some pretty things I like that have no connecting force, except that they are kid focused {makes sense, since I am kid-focused these days}:


{camp was more exciting to me as a child then Disneyland – yes, really! –  so you can imagine how dreamy I find these camp cots from the adorable french shop Serendipity. The 3 unrelated words on the pillows gave me the giggles thinking of the funny stationary I purchased in SF’s china town years ago because it had totally non-sensical “English” phrases. I think this must be the French’s equivilent of us putting french words on things and finding it tré fancy}

orange and white striped teepee

{love this teepee from Land of Nod. Hoping to get it for Kitch is he ever has his own room}

white modern high chair

{this simple and beautifully designed high-chair from the Swedish shop Stilleben puts the awful babies-r-us high chairs to shame}

knitted fox mobile

{best little knitted fox mobile ever – maybe the only one ever – I don’t know, I just love it}

baby outfit

 {this may just be the cutest little outfit I have ever seen. I love it. You can buy it from Layered Cake}

USA map

{map by Petite Collage}

auggie bedding

{I adore all the bedding from the Canadian company Auggie – I also adore Canadians. I married one.}

toddler backpack

{Dora the explorer backpack? I think not. You have options, I promise…check out these adorable toddler backpacks over at Weepereas}


Need some more kiddo inspiration? Take a look at this pinterest board:

Nursery Love, Part 2: Guest Blogger Katie Delgado

In honor of the arrival of our son last Monday {see the bottom of the post for a picture} my sister is contributing her baby/nursery favorites. You may remember her lovely contribution to art for kids rooms. When you are done reading, you should head on over to her blog The Red Thread Quartet and get inspired, and then you might as well buy her book too!


I am watching the aptly named “Tree of Life,” a Terry Malick film devoted poetically to none other than the origins of the universe, in parallel to a loose biography of his own childhood.  The central character is a boy, the first of three.  In one scene, a group of boys tie a frog onto a firework, and after lighting it, another asks “did he go to the moon?” Ah, boys.  In another scene, one of the boys asks his mother “tell me a story about before I remember.”  This is frequently a request from my own kidlink, and one of the sweetest. And now, a boy has joined our very own tribe; a new cousin.  Bundled into his own dna there will no doubt be inexplicable impulses to tie frogs to rocket ships, and other such gaity.  Soon, he will give us stories we can all remember.  But before there was K, there was the idea of him.  And with a new breed of baby (the first one born with a Y chromosone after three double X’s:)  we have been daydreaming about all things blue and orange and grey that are distinctly boy.  The binding for the stories we will tell, about before he remembers.  And while I am far away and lean in the pockets, I can share a day dream registry about the things I would give him *if only*. Call it window shopping for a shower.  For K, before he remembers.

The first stop-toys.  I know K is too little to know, but this is the story of “before” he remembers.  And some of the sweetest toys are the gifts that have been around so long, we don’t know who gifted them, until our mother reminds us:)

wooden forest animals

{When sister had her first baby, she mentioned to me one day that her baby, around a year old, seemed bored.  “Where are her toys?” I asked, and she sheepishly showed me a lovely raffia basket with a pitiful assortment.  Sometimes, its easy to prefer form over function, but these little beauties deliver both! Hand carved in Germany by Michael Engelberger, they’re available at Nova Naturals.}


The Animal Print Shop

{For some elegant, charming art that would be at home in mom and dad’s room if sharing with baby, any of Sharon Montrose’s prints, from The Animal Print Shop, will do.}

wild rumpus print

{For some more cheery loveliness, check out British based Ruka Ruka.}

elephant boat print

{For some original artwork, pop over to JAustenRyan.  Let me just say, anything that has elephants, giraffes, monkeys and bunting flags has me at hello!}

modern rocker

{And for true form meets function, join me in salivating over Land of Nod’s gorgeous Joya rocker.  My baby outgrew rockers about 8 years ago, but I’d take one of these today if I could!}

Petite collage mobile

{You can never go wrong with Petit Collage, or their beautiful bamboo mobiles!}

see-through crib

{And how is this crib for divine, not to mention genius!  Little’s K’s big sisters could watch every delicious expression as he slept, with no help from mom and dad! Crib from Ubabub.}

And how about some sweet softies to tuck inside…

Stuffies fox & bear

{Rag bear from Zazomini, plush logs from hitree, and debonaire fox from The Walnut Animal Society. }


{This fellow is customizable.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to knit baby a teddy bear, let Yarnigans do it for you!}

sisters guild bunting

{I’m crazy for all things Maileg, but it’s rare any of it would be suitable in a boy’s room.  Except for this charmer! Available at Sisters Guild.}


{And if you can figure out how to order from Europe, this wall mural from Cosas Minimas is as sweet as they come!}

And last but not least, a few fabulous rooms for inspiration!

modern crib

{The gray diamonds and blue cabinet make a gorgeous backdrop for splashes of red.}

orange eames rocker

{A varation on the same palette from BHG.}

gray & orange nursery

{If you like the idea of a “foresty” theme, this room has some great ideas.}

modern nursery

{Another example of gray diamonds as a lovely foil for bright colors.  Just because it’s a boy’s room, it doesn’t have to be boring!}

modern circus nursery

{And the absolute craftiest room of all, from Joy Kelly, my new hero-who actually MADE her son an elephant lamp (and pretty much everything else)-eek!  Do not try this at home;)


If we take anything away from this post, boys and girls, let it be that gray is the new blue!  (Gray and orange, gray and red, gray and blue, etc.)


Here he is:

Nursery Love

We are days away from meeting our little guy, so I have baby stuff on the mind.  As I mentioned before, we are combining our “master bedroom”/nursery for awhile (since we buy such little houses we are doing it out of necessity…more on that here). It’s actually our downstairs family room, but for now we will be using it for a bedroom (in order to preserve our playroom/classroom & guest bedroom upstairs). It is starting to come together and I will post some pictures of the finished project, but in the meantime I thought I would share some products and lovely inspiring spaces while it’s all fresh in my mind (& I don’t have a crying infant distracting me). Let’s start with some of the fabulous things I found on etsy while looking for stuff for our nursery space…

modern nursery decor

 {mochi & bean blanket – we bought a different one from this lovely shop, which I will show you when I post about our space, fox print by wintersmoke, hooded towel by mitani designs, paper birds & alphabet/initial art by Almost Sunday, quilt & blue elephant sheet by iviebaby – if you are willing to splurge this woman makes the most lovely bedding I have seen. So pretty!, elephant garland by Art’s Delight, cloud mobile by gosh & golly, cloud pillow by bunbunbabydesigns, swaddling blanket by lippybrand}


Here are some of my favorite nursery’s:

simple white nursery{what a soothing space to spend time in. I love the art above the crib by sarah jane studios. I also love that the space is neutral without being boring. For more pictures of the space take a look here. The crafty mama behind this space also has a delightful stationary company called The Penny Paper Co. that is worth checking out}

modern nursery{for more shots of this simple, modern nursery take a look at make me studios}

modern yellow & blue nursery{this nursery makes me want to bust out with John Denver’s, “sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy”…to see all the pictures-and you should-take a look at Me and Wee}

modern gray nursery{originally found on A Lovely Lark. Love the elephant stool and picture. This is my kind of a “theme” room. Subtle to the extent that it is almost non-existent :)}

simple boho nursery{this simple. sweet nursery was originally found on apartment therapy}

teal & chartreuse nursery{this pretty nursery was originally found at me oh my!}

bright eclectic nursery{you should take a look at all the pictures of this bright eclectic nursery at on to baby}

pink and orange modern nursery{love this pink & orange nursery, also found at on to baby}


Here’s to hoping my next post will include our baby announcement!

Modern Baby Gear

If you have noticed my number of posts have waned lately, I’ll let you in on why. I am pregnant with baby #3 & TIRED, TIRED, TIRED. But not too tired to curate this little list of what I am daydreaming about for our next baby (although the size of our home and my practical self will likely not get much of any of it, but it sure doesn’t stop me from looking):

I have bought my girls baby blankets from orangeberry baby & I am eying these ones  for our next wee one:

modern baby quilts


gray modern glider{this is called the “Daddy Glider”, but Mommy wants it too}

modern moose with pink antlers{What? You think this faux moose head might scare a baby? Well I think a disney-themed room is scary and they sure caught on}

modern diaper bag{how about this Mrs. Buford Diaper Bag? I actually don’t think you need a diaper bag, but I still want this one, because I could keep using it long after our baby is grown}

modern baby quilt{love this simple, modern baby quilt by Barbara Perrino}

modern baby bouncer{I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this baby bouncer/lounger by bloombaby. There is no item more used in my house than a bouncer in the first few months. In fact, Eliza slept in one exclusively until she was 4-5 months old because of her reflux. This one is so lovely you wouldn’t mind it sitting out in the middle of the room, or on the counter, or anywhere really}

gray and yellow modern baby bedding{love the gray/yellow combo on this simple crib bedding}

cloud garland{this little cloud garland is probably a good way to set the right expectations early about our Portland weather}

chavron whale pillow{I personally find whales terrifying, so I am not sure why they are the latest in kid-animal-fad…but it’s hard to resist this sweet  little pillow}

wooden kid art{simple, graphic wood print by Petit Collage}

felted mouse{Hahahahah. Look at this little guy by felting dreams. He’s wearing a backpack & waiting for a hug. Nevermind that your baby will choke on his button & bead eyes. Put it up high, it’s for your enjoyment anyway…Isn’t EVERYTHING in your babies room for your enjoyment? You picked it. Maybe I have wandered a little far from my theme ‘modern baby gear’…oh well. Please, please, please go to her website and look at all her little creations.}