I am a house hunter, renovator and dreamer. I live in dreamy Bend, Oregon with my husband, Jeff {West Coast manager of the best real estate company ever, Redfin}, 2 girls Franki & Eliza & a sweet little boy named Kitch {born after this picture}. Every time we get our house ‘ just-so’ I get a little itchy for a new project. In 15 years of marriage we have owned 9 houses {maybe more, I just counted on my fingers} and so it goes…I like Charlie-Brown-Christmas-tree style houses. I like a challenge. The newest home we’ve ever owned was built in the 70’s. Even the ones that weren’t fixers, we couldn’t leave alone. This blog is a place to put all the ideas down, so I don’t drive my long-suffering husband completely mad with them. There are too many gorgeous finish options to ever squeeze into just one house, so the overflow of what I find lovely in or around the home will find it’s way here. I would love to hear what you think makes a loved home.

Happy Home Making,