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i ♥ ranch-style homes

I love ranch-style homes (not to be confused with actual ranches, which are also nice). 10 years ago I would have never thought my favorite style would be a ranch. But, I love them. I love the living all on one level (especially since we are in the throws of having little kids who find our downstairs “creepy” and refuse to use that entire half portion of our fairly small house without me glued to their hip). There is something uniquely cozy about the low vaulted ceilings & large-pane windows. I used to dream of a craftsman with a big front porch, now my dreams are all mid-century ranch goodness. Don’t think you are a ranch lover? Take a look at these and maybe you will change your mind:

modern ranch

modern white ranch

{see the entire home here}

modern ranch interior

modern ranch interior

{see the entire home here}

ranch remodel on a budget

ranch remodelled on a budget

{see the entire home here}

light bright ranch

breezy ranch renovation

{see the entire house here}

mid century ranch renovation mid century ranch renovation

{see the entire home here}

modern ranch

modern ranch redo

{see the entire home here}

new ranch exterior

zen ranch-style house

{love the serene exterior of this new ranch. see entire house here}

mid century modern remodel

{see the before and afters of this ranch redo here}


Pretty Stuff I Like {for kids}

My ability to finish a blog post with 3 children is becoming a little bit of a joke. I have started about 10 in the last few months and finished 1…So, I am officially lowering my standards. It’s my blog and no one is paying me to maintain it, so here is a list of some pretty things I like that have no connecting force, except that they are kid focused {makes sense, since I am kid-focused these days}:


{camp was more exciting to me as a child then Disneyland – yes, really! –  so you can imagine how dreamy I find these camp cots from the adorable french shop Serendipity. The 3 unrelated words on the pillows gave me the giggles thinking of the funny stationary I purchased in SF’s china town years ago because it had totally non-sensical “English” phrases. I think this must be the French’s equivilent of us putting french words on things and finding it tré fancy}

orange and white striped teepee

{love this teepee from Land of Nod. Hoping to get it for Kitch is he ever has his own room}

white modern high chair

{this simple and beautifully designed high-chair from the Swedish shop Stilleben puts the awful babies-r-us high chairs to shame}

knitted fox mobile

{best little knitted fox mobile ever – maybe the only one ever – I don’t know, I just love it}

baby outfit

 {this may just be the cutest little outfit I have ever seen. I love it. You can buy it from Layered Cake}

USA map

{map by Petite Collage}

auggie bedding

{I adore all the bedding from the Canadian company Auggie – I also adore Canadians. I married one.}

toddler backpack

{Dora the explorer backpack? I think not. You have options, I promise…check out these adorable toddler backpacks over at Weepereas}


Need some more kiddo inspiration? Take a look at this pinterest board: