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Organize for the New Year

I am not much for New Year’s resolutions. They seem like a set-up for failure, not to mention that if I want to change something about myself, circumstances or home I would rather start as soon as the idea strikes. That being said, I am for getting organized anytime of year and when you are taking down all your Christmas stuff and figuring out where to put all the newly acquired Christmas goods seems like an obvious time to me. My New Years gift to you is some beautiful & functional organization ideas.


When I was getting things organized for my homeschooling adventure I needed a bunch of storage for colored pencils, pens, dry erase pens, crayons, etc. I was about to buy some containers when it dawned on me that we have a huge supply of mason jars in a variety of sizes (due to my husbands canning addiction). They are perfect. Here is some inspiration about the myriad uses of a mason jar:

mason jar storage{How about putting your good looking craft supplies on display? If you are like me this would just make you want to run out and buy cute craft supplies so you could see them lined up on a shelf in your craft space. Originally found at twotwentyone}

mason jar storage{originally found at lifeiscrazybeautiful. When I saw this I wondered why I never thought of it before now. So handy!}

mason jar storage basket{I posted this for 2 reasons. 1- mason jars are great storage for dry goods as shown here & 2- you can buy this vintage basket from thehomecraftcottage that fits 6 quart jars and takes your organization to a new level}

modern painted mason jars

{these beauties would look good storing anything and I love how modern it makes an old mason jar look. originally found at Blue Eyed Yonder}


Here are some storage bins & boxes that add to, rather than take away from the style in your house {unlike the plastic kind with a lid we all have too many of}:

burlap storage bag

{if you happen to be a reader that lives in Europe than you are lucky enough to shop h&m Sweden, or any of the other h&m stores that carry home goods. If not, you can be like me and add it to the growing list of fabulous things us Americans don’t have}

felt storage bag{I pretty much like all things felted. This would make a perfect catch-all for books, magazines, toys, games or even kindling. You can buy it from DIGS}

chunky knit storage bins{knit storage bins by landofnod would be great in an adult space that needs some color, or of course a kids room for easy toy clean up}

modern metal storage containers{I love these numbered boxes by Jayson Home}

etsy storage bin{if you want something personalized BaffinBags makes all sorts of storage bins out of lovely fabrics}

yellow vintage chest{I found this old wooden box at the etsy store oldgoatandhorse. The thing I really love about this simple, rustic style is that it works with pretty much any style. My home is pretty modern, but I have quite a few funky, junky items to add warmth and visual interest}


Here is some storage furniture I like. Really the options are endless in this department, so here are just a few of my favorites:

modern rustic coffee table with storage{love this simple coffee table by west elm. Form & function!}

chalkboard storage locker vintage{we have a few old lockers that I love as storage. One is in my kitchen and it houses all my baking stuff, oils, vinegars, salts, etc. I especially love that the old coat hooks are still in the large compartments because it is a perfect place to hang onions and potatoes so they get good circulation. This set with chalkboard paint was originally found here}

teal metal buffet table

{This teal metal console is intended as a TV stand, but I think it would make a great sofa table with blankets, books, etc stacked up, or a kitchen console with lots of white dishes and glassware piled on. You can buy it at Target for a measly $180 -BARGAIN – if you aren’t very adventurous it comes in white, black or orange, and it’s a really nice orange too. You should look.}


Here are some storage solutions for odds and ends:

open shelf storage in kitchen

{almost all kitchens have a little extra wall space where you could add some open shelves. Ikea has inexpensive stainless steel options & pretty much any home goods retailer has a myriad of options}

rustic hanging metal shelf{this hanging shelf can be found at Pottery Barn}

bright metal wall containers{love these wall containers from landofnod for a craft space, kids room or junk drawer alternative}


If you need some more storage tips & ideas here are some of my favorites from the experts:

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