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Modern Baby Gear

If you have noticed my number of posts have waned lately, I’ll let you in on why. I am pregnant with baby #3 & TIRED, TIRED, TIRED. But not too tired to curate this little list of what I am daydreaming about for our next baby (although the size of our home and my practical self will likely not get much of any of it, but it sure doesn’t stop me from looking):

I have bought my girls baby blankets from orangeberry baby & I am eying these ones  for our next wee one:

modern baby quilts


gray modern glider{this is called the “Daddy Glider”, but Mommy wants it too}

modern moose with pink antlers{What? You think this faux moose head might scare a baby? Well I think a disney-themed room is scary and they sure caught on}

modern diaper bag{how about this Mrs. Buford Diaper Bag? I actually don’t think you need a diaper bag, but I still want this one, because I could keep using it long after our baby is grown}

modern baby quilt{love this simple, modern baby quilt by Barbara Perrino}

modern baby bouncer{I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this baby bouncer/lounger by bloombaby. There is no item more used in my house than a bouncer in the first few months. In fact, Eliza slept in one exclusively until she was 4-5 months old because of her reflux. This one is so lovely you wouldn’t mind it sitting out in the middle of the room, or on the counter, or anywhere really}

gray and yellow modern baby bedding{love the gray/yellow combo on this simple crib bedding}

cloud garland{this little cloud garland is probably a good way to set the right expectations early about our Portland weather}

chavron whale pillow{I personally find whales terrifying, so I am not sure why they are the latest in kid-animal-fad…but it’s hard to resist this sweet  little pillow}

wooden kid art{simple, graphic wood print by Petit Collage}

felted mouse{Hahahahah. Look at this little guy by felting dreams. He’s wearing a backpack & waiting for a hug. Nevermind that your baby will choke on his button & bead eyes. Put it up high, it’s for your enjoyment anyway…Isn’t EVERYTHING in your babies room for your enjoyment? You picked it. Maybe I have wandered a little far from my theme ‘modern baby gear’…oh well. Please, please, please go to her website and look at all her little creations.}