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Monochrome Spaces

I’ve been away from the blog a little longer than usual because WE MOVED. Today’s post isn’t about our house (because we are still in the boxes everywhere stage of unpacking). But seeing our living room come together is making me want to look at other monochromatic rooms (ours is many shades of gray/grey). My favorite monochrome spaces are pretty much always white, so you will see a lot of those. It takes some pretty great architectural elements to pull off all white, but when done right it is SO, SO pretty. Here are some beauties:

cozy white bedroom with fireplace{seriously? a bed nook tucked behind a fireplace. I can think of nothing cozier. originally found on emmas designblog}

whitewashed open beams{this is what I mean, who has these ceilings & walls? I want them. originally found on housetohome}

yellow island in white kitchen{how, you say, is this monochromatic? well, that’s the thing about using primarily one color (like white). It makes the other colors just stand out. This gorgeous island would just get lost in a colorful kitchen, but here it is so eye-catching. Originally found on silverstarkitchen}

shades of pink bedroom{love this bedroom in all shades of pink, originally found on My Gen Y Family}

pink dining room{pink dining room originally found on sf girl by bay – she has a whole bunch of gorgeous pink rooms to peruse}

monochrome gray room{these beautiful gray rooms were originally found on The Inside Story}

monochrome mint green room{the pale aqua in this room looks so pretty against the dark wood beams & furnishings. Originally found on decorology}

all orange room{I’m not this bold, but if I was I would use orange like these folks! Originally found on BH&G}

Small home love

When we were childless we spent 2 years remodeling a 2800 square foot home on a pretty lot in trendy Sellwood (a neighborhood in SE Portland). It was really lovely when we finished (you could say it was our “dream home” – If you want to see it click here), and had 4 bedrooms + an office, 2 baths & plenty of room for a family and for my in-laws who come for extended visits from Canada. Around that time I got pregnant with our first child & we realized that if I wanted to stay home and have flexibility financially the house had to go. We sold it & moved to an 1100 square foot home (with no garage) in the suburb I grew up in (Oregon City) a month before our daughter was born. I can honestly say we never looked back. There were certainly times when we wished for that guest bedroom and an extra bathroom, but I loved spending the first few years of motherhood in a little home that kept my girls close at hand (we had Eliza while living there too) and was easy to clean. As you know, we are now upgrading (moving next week – wheee) to a whopping 1536 square feet. It feels luxurious to us. 2 WHOLE BATHROOMS & an attached garage!!! I told Jeff I will finally be able to drive in the garage and vacuum out all the food the girls drop off the floor of my car – what a novelty (he then reminded me we won’t be able to actually park in the garage until he figures out what to do with the large metal industrial carts he bought as a project). I am not against large houses, living in the Oregon rain with little kids I often wish I had a football field sized basement for them to run around in…I just think the charms of small houses are overlooked. Here are the best things I learned living in a small house:

1. Floor plan is everything {a small well-planned space can be more livable than a home twice the size that isn’t well thought-out}

2. You really don’t need all that crap! {I promise, start giving stuff away and you will never stop, I have a goodwill bag going at all times. As I was packing my girls toys for next weeks move I was realizing how little of it they ever use. Instead they use imagination. Franki’s favorite thing to do these days is get food out of the cupboard and “organize” it on the floor as a “shop”}

3. Small spaces means you get to be in your kids business whether they like it or not, & your husbands for that matter. It creates closeness simply because you can’t get away from each other. {this is a good or a bad thing depending on your family dynamics, some personalities need more space}

4. Less to clean.

5. All your utilities are cheaper because you are using less of everything, since you have less of everything.

Enough said, Here are a few small houses I love {some of which make 1100 sqft seem gargantuan, but are also probably lived in by 1-2 person households}:

tiny craftsman home by green pods {Port Townsend plan by GreenPods, 420 sqft}

tiny reclaimed home{Dwell Space by reclaimedspace, 392 sqft}

tiny cottage by Ross Chapin{Egret Cottage by Ross Chapin Architects, 1150 sqft. You may remember me expressing my love for his homes on this post}

Tumbleweed Tiny House{Anderjack by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, the most beautiful 99 sqft I have ever seen}

tiny craftsman home{B-53 also by Tumbleweed, options at 777 or 874 sqft}

Perfect Little House{The Cherry One by Perfect Little House, 1458 sqft – if we were building a little house, these are the plans I would choose, just lovely!}

Bright Built Barn{BrightBuilt Barn by Kaplan Thomas Architects, 700 sqft}

small twisp cabin{twisp cabin by Johnson Architects, 12oo sqft – for a whole house tour click here}

Finishing Touches

Getting SO, SO close to being done with the house! I’m daydreaming about getting in and getting everything ‘just so’ as I paint the miles and miles of white trim that stand between me and the finishing touches. In the meantime, to keep myself going, I spend late nights drooling over my very favorite etsy home goods. Here are a few:

mushroom tablecloth skinny laminx{love this mushroom table cloth by Skinny laMinx}

modern ceramic salt cellar{ceramic cellars by RossLab}

birch tree cloth napkins{birch napkins by Oh, Little Rabbit}

modern porcelain serving set{porcelain serving set by vitrified studio – simple perfection!}

cast iron antler wall hook{cast iron antler wall hook by TheDoorStop}

modern quilted pillow{modern quilt pillow by Barbara Perrino}

recycled t-shirt pillow{recycled t-shirt pillow by talking squid}

oregon pillow{Oregon pillow by love, california – who lives in Texas, haha}

vintage orange desk lamp{vintage tangerine desk lamp by ohio picker}

Oh etsy, whatever did we do to get our one-of-a-kind, crafty, vintage, recycled, re-purposed fix before you came along?