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With the house we recently purchased, we also got a huge amount of goat & chicken poo (it reaches over the bottom step of the porch) and the cute little stuctures that housed these little critters. Before you go thinking we bought a farm, let me remind you we bought a home on a small city lot, there is no back yard, just 2 side yards (but that didn’t stop the last residents from having farm animals). The upside is, once we figure out how to remove the spongy layers of stink, we are still left with the cute little structures. I’m all for a few city chickens, but since the home had a former rat situation, we are going to opt out of getting our own chicken friends and instead convert the structure to a playhouse for our girls (no worries, I will bleach the heck out of it before they get to playing): Here it is in it’s poop-ridden state:

So, now that I’m daydreaming of what I can create out there, I’ll share some pretty glorious playhouse inspiration ideas:

{this charming playhouse was originally found on, go there to see whole tour}

{originally found on babycenterwe actually have a sweet little vintage trailer that we will someday finish fixing up – but when we do it won’t become a playhouse for our girls. I guess we aren’t as nice as these parents. Lucky kids!}

{originally found on Restyled Home – take a look to see the inside photos, it is a little girls dream}

{this play house comes as a kit from smartsheds}

{love the simplicity of this structure by modern playhouse}

{this one is beyond aspiration, considering it was Queen Elizabeth’s childhood playhouse, but I couldn’t help myself – it’s so fabulous! take a look at the full tour at apartment therapy}


Now for a few more budget friendly indoor options & DIY inspiration:

{this indoor tree house was originally found on apartment therapylove this idea for maximizing a small space}

{I am pretty sure this recycled canvas tent from restoration hardware would have been my “playhouse” of choice as a child}

{this tiny play space was originally found on houzz}

{this is by CoolSpacesForKids if you have no space, or hope of building anything before your kids are grown, this is a pretty sweet indoor play house option – put it over your table & vwa-la, you are set}

{this adorable “french cafe” is by Little Play Spaces}

{originally found on apartment therapywhat an amazing use of that space under the stairs}

{originally found on jennijuurinenthe minimalist in me loves this “playhouse” & you have to admit, it leaves plenty of room for imagination}


  1. Love the last one too! It’s genius, and super duper cute:) And hello-Queen Victorias playhouse is UN believable!


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