Summer project: backyard cottage

A few summers ago, a house ago, Jeff built the cutest little office/storage room in our backyard. Now, I know he is handy (all self-taught & father-in-law taught) & I know he is particular, but when he told me he was going to make a backyard cottage with no plans, I was a little skeptical. From now on I will keep my mouth shut though, because look what he made (HE EVEN MADE THE DOORS FROM SCRATCH):

I mean look at those beautiful doors. SO DARN CUTE! So, now that you’ve seen the finished project I’ll show you how he did it (in pictures of course, I don’t actually know HOW he built it – I leave that fancy stuff to him and I just get out the paint brushes when it’s all done).


he carried some wood to the location (after a few days of leveling things out & while listening to sports-talk radio, no doubt):

he & my dad built this platform thing and put the sheeting down:

Then they put up this back wall:

And this front wall (they even took a break long enough to pose through the windows for me):

And the roof (I missed a few walls!):

Then during the HOTTEST days of the summer they finished the roof sheeting & put the roof on (I only got this one picture though because I hid inside in the a/c and only occasionally ran out to give them popsicles):

Then Jeff’s parents came for a visit & we put them to work too (here his dad & he are putting the black stuff up, I can’t remember what it’s actually called):

Here it’s all up:

After this picture I got distracted until the project was done and forgot to take more pictures — but, he put siding up, put in some vintage windows, laid down pine flooring in the office section, sheet-rocked, painted and moved into this adorable office (you may have seen it before in one of my posts about art):

And, Voila! It’s that easy. Now you should go make a backyard office/studio too

{p.s. it’s actual hard work I think- but when you are the person just taking the pictures it seems easy}


  1. Love your blog Nikki!  Our families have a lot in common.  Love for gardening, construction, firefighting…as well as the homelessness part.  Looking forward to reading more.


    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words, for taking the time to read some & for making my first comment post. woot woot!

  2. Saw Karla’s link on FB and clicked over. Your blog looks great, and I absolutely LOVE your little cottage!! I’m sending a link to my husband with a big *hint, hint*! haha! 

    • Thanks so much. I take no credit for the cottage, other than to stand by and cheer (& decorate it once finished). Thanks for reading. I am going to add a subscribe feature this weekend, so check back if you would like to receive updates when I add a new post. Happy Homemaking!

  3. Frank Bale says:

    Hey, Nik, love your web site…good job. Now to find my way around all the different sites!! Again, congrats.

  4. I love your blog so much!!! Content, photos, art…it all makes me happy!

    • Thanks Jami! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too (I found you via Linds). I’ve got you down for the canvases give-away!


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