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In a grey mood {or is it a gray mood}

I admit that even before starting a word of this post I had to google how the color grey is spelled (just to get through the title). I spell it with an a about half the time and an e the other half. Here is what I found on google:

“Have you often wondered “Am I spelling g-r-e-y correctly…or is it g-r-a-y?”. How do you spell the color grey or gray? Well, the answer is they are both correct. There are two acceptable spellings. Gray is used primarily in the United States and other areas that use US English. Grey is used in Great Britain and areas that use UK English.”  (this from the greyorgray website, haha) So, now that we have that figured out (sort of) I can be moving along to the actual topic.

I have been picking out paint colors for the new house and am realizing that pretty much every single color I have chosen so far is some shade of grey (I’m sticking with that spelling for now) and no matter how I try to branch out, I can’t. Even the tile I chose for the kitchen back splash is grey (& oh so lovely, can’t wait to see it up).

Here is a link to a follow-up post that shows the grey tile we put in our kitchen

Here is what I am loving in grey these days:


this bedset:

this bedset:

this tile:

this chair:

this couch:

these curtains:

this pot:

 this house’s color combo (grey + orange):

 this house’s color combo (grey + electric green):

This pillow {with Holli Zollinger fabric}:

I am IN LOVE with all of Holli Zollinger’s fabric, there have been nights when I have spent HOURS scouring online for good fabric and come up empty-handed and all along she was making oodles of amazing stuff – if you check out no other links take a look at this one (the entire spoonflower site is worth a look). She has such a diversity of style’s from totally classic chevron to elephants holding umbrella’s & they are all fantastic. Here are a few more examples:

So, what color has taken over your house?

Summer project: backyard cottage

A few summers ago, a house ago, Jeff built the cutest little office/storage room in our backyard. Now, I know he is handy (all self-taught & father-in-law taught) & I know he is particular, but when he told me he was going to make a backyard cottage with no plans, I was a little skeptical. From now on I will keep my mouth shut though, because look what he made (HE EVEN MADE THE DOORS FROM SCRATCH):

I mean look at those beautiful doors. SO DARN CUTE! So, now that you’ve seen the finished project I’ll show you how he did it (in pictures of course, I don’t actually know HOW he built it – I leave that fancy stuff to him and I just get out the paint brushes when it’s all done).


he carried some wood to the location (after a few days of leveling things out & while listening to sports-talk radio, no doubt):

he & my dad built this platform thing and put the sheeting down:

Then they put up this back wall:

And this front wall (they even took a break long enough to pose through the windows for me):

And the roof (I missed a few walls!):

Then during the HOTTEST days of the summer they finished the roof sheeting & put the roof on (I only got this one picture though because I hid inside in the a/c and only occasionally ran out to give them popsicles):

Then Jeff’s parents came for a visit & we put them to work too (here his dad & he are putting the black stuff up, I can’t remember what it’s actually called):

Here it’s all up:

After this picture I got distracted until the project was done and forgot to take more pictures — but, he put siding up, put in some vintage windows, laid down pine flooring in the office section, sheet-rocked, painted and moved into this adorable office (you may have seen it before in one of my posts about art):

And, Voila! It’s that easy. Now you should go make a backyard office/studio too

{p.s. it’s actual hard work I think- but when you are the person just taking the pictures it seems easy}

Light fixtures on a budget

The time has come for me to come to terms with the fact that I will not be buying ANY of the gorgeous light fixtures featured in my last post about this topic. They just aren’t in the budget. What is? These more basic, but still charming & extremely affordable options

——–UNDER $50——–




{destination lighting}

{destination lighting}

{destination lighting}



——–UNDER $100——–

{west elm}


{schoolhouse electric}

{lamp goods}

{Urban Outfitters this takes the cake on affordability & style at a mere $64}

{destination lighting}

{destination lighting}

{iTag Studios – this is going in my girls room in the new house}

{destination lighting}

——–UNDER $200——–


{barn light electric}

{lite source}



A kitchen to love

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we bought another house and are embarking on another renovation. We are giving ourselves about 6 weeks prior to moving in to do the following, gut and renovate the kitchen, add hardwood floors to kitchen and then refinish all floors on top level, paint everything, add HVAC system, reconfigure framing in downstairs and re-sheetrock, remodel 2 bathrooms, re-carpet, put up new light fixtures…It’s completely unrealistic that we will get it all done. We already know it – but you can follow along and see how far we actually get during that time frame. Since the kitchen is the most important room in the house & I am going to start from scratch, it has most of my attention these days. Since this is going to be a home we live in for awhile and then turn into a rental we aren’t going to go crazy (that being said, we have a really hard time not going crazy). Here’s what has been decided already. A wall is coming down to open things up, White shaker style cabs are going up, grey quartz counters, some sort of a free standing island, some open shelving over the windows, stainless appliances and some sort of subway tile back splash. Here is some of my inspiration (keep in mind it’s a tiny kitchen on a under 10k budget):

{Originally found on}

I love the white cabinets, but what really inspired me is putting the shelves right over the window. In order to make the most of our space we will be doing this in our place.

Love the open, airy feel this has despite it’s small size. Also the counter top is very similar to what we chose.

{originally found at ShootFactory}

love, love, love how functional this looks with all your pots, pans, oil and such within reach}

{originally found at Breakfast in the Morning Tram}

This takes the cake for form & function. Our kitchen won’t look like this, simply because I think a renter would have a hard time seeing the charm in no closed shelving, they would just think we were just being cheap. Maybe in my next home though.

{originally found at You Are My Fave}

Such a nice combination of traditional looks with the surprise color. I think we will insert something fun with our back splash tile or our island, whatever it is, I am inspired to have something besides just the safe white/neutrals with this lovely kitchen as inspiration.


More art inspiration

It’s hard to choose art for your home. I understand. Where do you even start? I have helped you out. Here is some more lovely art in a variety of styles and prices (see part 1 here):

Two Chairs, Michele Maule

{I bought a print of this for my husband’s birthday this year & my dad looked at it & said “you have weird taste in art”, don’t let anyone deter you- if you love it, buy it. Unless of course it is a velvet painting of a wolf or something}

Paris, Latin Quarter, Laura Amiss

{she has loads of beautiful, colorful textile art & whimsical prints}

Ice Crusher, Coffee Pot, Waffle Iron and Tea Kettle, Harold Reddicliffe

Spring Tide, Clare Elsaesser

{notice the charming stitching around the print}

US Map, Rachel Austin

{another Portland based artist – I bought a print of this for my girls bedroom}

Come Over, Nik Bresnick

{such a cute letterpress piece for the kitchen – he also has some fun abc cards that would be cute for a kids room}

What art are you loving? I’d love to know.

Light, beautiful light

We just bought another house. Yay! So the next few posts will be short on words with loads of pictures of products I am looking at for remodeling the place. Today is all about light fixtures. These are mostly on the higher end, but a girl can dream for a little while. When I come back to reality and actually have to pay for our fixtures you may see a post with some more frugal options.

Murray Feiss Stelle Long Pendant:

Currey & Co. Longhope Chandelier

Arteriors Sheldon Iron Pendant

Lazy Susan Steel Large Lamp

Regina Andrew Cage Pendant

Currey & Co. Lowell Pendant

Arteriors Parrish Floor Lamp

Who needs art when lights this beautiful can decorate a room (ok, you need art too, but if you could consider these art the price would be easier to justify). Now onto looking for something that won’t break the bank…