time to plant your garden

Time to plant your garden…only problem is (as you know, if you’ve been reading) we are homeless, which means garden-less. The location we are currently residing in gets much of it’s beauty from loads of large, shady trees. Which means I can’t even plant a make-shift container garden. March in Oregon basically means rain (snow the last few days, strangely enough), which could be a downer, except if you are a gardener.

Here is the upside to all the rain (I am hoping to convert a few non-gardeners):

1. It keeps the soil really easy to work with

2. It gets me outside during a time of year that I normally would stay in all day.

3. Once outside, I realize how pleasant it is to be outside in the March rain.

4. The rain keeps you cool when you really get into the pitch-fork motion and start to get all sweaty.

5. Your kids will love it – rain or shine (give them their own little section and some seeds & let them have at it).

Since I probably will not be moved in time for a garden this summer, I am soothing myself by looking at our old garden & daydreaming about some new ideas for our next garden. Here are some pictures of our backyard, which was made up almost entirely of weeds when we bought the house (not the good kind with worms and such). This is the summer we moved in:

Husband building boxes and laying cover for the rock (this took a lot of math to get the angles right so the tops would be level, lucky for me my husband is meticulous about these sort of things):

This is the first summer of planting (that’s me in a sweet hat my mom got me at a yard sale, that is perfect for face sun-coverage). I adore the process of seeing the fruits of my labor unfold in neat little rows of beautiful food (not to mention the eating):

Each raised bed usually sees 2-3 different crops each season (or replanting of the same crop) & the perimeter bed is reserved for longer growing periods (like winter squash) & perennials (like raspberries) & things that climb (like beans).

some beans waiting to be pickled & some carrots waiting to be roasted:

Let’s face it, I could scour the internet or my favorite pinterest boards for hours looking for the perfect garden inspiration OR, I could just look at Martha Stewart’s AMAZING garden and start the daydreaming right there.  Some people like a free-form, here there and everywhere appeal to their gardens, with surprises and such. Not us, we like order (pretty much everywhere around the house, the garden being no exception). My husband and I both love having things tidy & organized. Martha’s garden takes this idea to a whole new level – It is a thing of beauty (just try not to be inspired):

you can find the full tour (& truly helpful garden information) here.

Hope you have been inspired to get outside, get a little wet & put your first seeds of the season in the ground. You won’t be sorry!


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